About us

au.jobfilter.com is a job search engine aimed to help you find the job you’ll fall in love with!
Just imagine — you will find all job-postings and available vacancies on one site. It means — you can find every job-offering in Australia on au.jobfilter.com
Yes, it’s one of the largest job searching sites, and it has a lot of useful filters and nice features — but au.jobfilter.com differs in how our site engine works. We do not store all the information — we compile and sort it out like search engines do.
So you can find on au.jobfilter.com any job-posting from more than 10 job sites in Australia — 191,971 vacancies are waiting for you. That is incredible!
The job search engine au.jobfilter.com — the easiest way to find your dream job. It saves your time and keeps you focused on truly important things. It gives you a great choice of career opportunities.

What we are standing for

We stay for diversity and freedom to choose.
Our goal is to give the greatest choice of current vacancies anywhere in the world — we want to aggregate every job posting from sites, boards, lists and social media on one site.
Your time is our core value. au.jobfilter.com team is constantly working on betterment of job search in order to make it as simple and fast as possible.